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Mannheim power station

Short description

Construction of a coal-fired power station unit to ensure the long-term security of electricity and district heating generation

The project

As part of this project, a new section – Block 9 – was added to the large-scale power station in Mannheim. This block has a capacity of 911 megawatts. With this coal-fired power station unit, Implenia is ensuring the security of the electricity and district heating generation over the long term.

The contract for the new power station block, Block 9, was awarded to a joint venture under the technical leadership of the predecessor company to Implenia. It included the extended shell construction for the main and ancillary systems of the power station, consisting of more than 26 individual structures including a boiler house, machinery house, two 128-metre-high stair towers and two 68-metre-high fly ash silos in slip-form construction, a switching station building, e-filters, supply and disposal buildings, coal storage and unloading facilities, and a quay wall. Most of the structures have deep foundations.

The contract also included the execution of infrastructure work inside the plant, such as roads, track systems and underground pipelines.

Services in detail

Principal dimensions

  • Earthworks: 430,000 m³
  • Reinforced concrete: 130,000 m³, of which 15,000 m³ in slip-form construction
  • Formwork: 230,000 m²
  • Underwater concrete: 15,500 m³
  • Steel sheet piling: 39,400 m²
  • Concrete piles: 26,500 running metres
  • Road construction: 5 km
  • Pipelines for duct construction: 20 km
  • Track construction: 2.2 km


Enormous structures had to be moved and built within a short space of time and on a construction site with very limited space.