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Bar post-tensioning syatems

Smooth prestressing steel bar with a rolled thread

The BBV 1030 bar tensioning systems complies with the specifications of ETAG 013 or EAD 160004-00-0301 and is suitable for prestressing, repairing and strengthening reinforced concrete and composite structures. Depending on the project-specific boundary conditions, the system can be used internally with or without a bond as well as externally outside of the structure.

The smooth or threaded steel bars of quality St 835/1030 in our bar-system processes are hot-rolled and then stretched in the manufacturing process. They correspond to a prestressing steel Y-1030-H according to prEN 10138-4 and are approved by the building authorities in Germany with the Z-124-138. With regard to fatigue strength, prestressing bars are assigned to class 1.

The ends of the smooth bars, which are cut to the length ordered, are provided with a cold-rolled thread. The threaded bars have a continuous thread and can be cut as required.

Our prestressing bars correspond to class 1 according to E DIN EN 1992-2 / NA, Tab. 6.4 DE and thus meet the requirements of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development ARS No. 22/2012.

Bonded bar tendons

...are completely concreted into the structural concrete. Bonding and corrosion protection are ensured by the grout according to DIN EN 447.

Unbonded bar tendons, internal or external

...can be installed inside or outside the component cross-section. Corrosion protection is provided by grout, anti-corrosion compound or shrink sleeves. For temporary applications, a protective coating can be applied in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944-5. The tendons can de-tensioned, re-tensioned or replaced any time.