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With innovative systems and processes, we provide strength in many areas of the construction industry: whether tensioning methods in structural engineering, geotechnics in special civil engineering or maintenance, repair and retrofit of bridges, parking garages and other structures.

Our range of services offers optimum support for your planning and construction work.

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We offer our customers sophisticated, economical and high-quality products and services in the areas of planning, consulting and construction.“

Extract from the Corporate guidelines of BBV Systems GmbH


Frequently asked questions – and our answers

Frequently asked questions – and our answers

What are the application areas of BBV Systems?

Where does BBV Systems work?

In which countries the BBV Systems post-tensioning application can be used?

Where does BBV Systems systems come from?

What are the advantages of the Bar Post-tensioning offered by BBV Systems?

Which structures can be post-tensioned by using BBV Systems Anchors?

How important is innovation and development for BBV Systems?

Does BBV Systems have it's own Supervisors and Operators?

Standard reinforcement is scheduled for my building construction project. Can BBV Systems offer me an alternative arrangement involving a post-tensioned solution?

Where are post-tensioning application mainly used to reinforce structures?

To what extent does the post-tensioning systems from BBV Systems take into account the special requirements and needs when undertaking strengthening or remediation of an existing structures?

What role does the fatigue strength classification play in the pre-stressing steels used in Germany?

How does Cathodic Corrosion Protection (CP) work?

When is the use of CP worthwhile, in comparison to conventional concrete remediation practices?

For Geotechnical applications: What type and how many - strands/bars - do I choose for which load?

Is approval required for temporary grouted anchors (<2 years)?

Can the load-bearing capacity of a classic grout Anchors be doubled or tripled safely and remain incompliance with the relevant standards? What is a BBV-multibond® strand anchor?