Short description

The construction of the southern part of the building is a special feature of the office tower.

The project

The usable area of ​​the floors from the 7th floor is larger than on the levels below. This is achieved by making the ceilings cantilever from the 7th floor. The loads from the rising storeys in the area of ​​the facade are directed to the center of the building on levels 7-12 through inclined mega-columns. The tensile forces generated at the deflection points are absorbed by type BBV L 7 tendons and anchored to the building core.

To limit deformations, the flat ceilings of the 12th - 32nd floors are designed with non-composite prestressing. 790 ST tendons of type BBV Lo4 are used, which are laid in free tendon positions.

Services in detail

Shooting in, prestressing and extrusion of 17t prestressing steel with subsequent bond, type BBV L4, L6 and L7

Manufacture, delivery, prestressing and sealing of 35t tendons without bond type BBV Lo4

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