Catching plate and spreader bar - Stuttgart 21 PFA 1.1 sales unit 1

Short description

In the course of the implementation of the Stuttgart 21 construction project, a large part of the building of the former Reichsbahndirektion on Heilbronner Strasse was demolished.

The project

The remaining part of the building will be driven under by the new DB Nordkopf tunnel. In order to be able to produce the tunnel section, the building had to be underpinned on around 50% of its area. The support was carried out with the help of a prestressed 1.35 m thick, point-supported reinforced concrete slab.

  • Client: DB Netz AG
  • Executing construction company: Ed. Züblin AG
  • 96 tendons BBV L31 (approx. 100t)
  • 1164 tie bars 26.5
  • Construction time: 2016/2017
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