Ludwig Erhard Brücke, Ulm

Short description

The Ludwig Erhard Bridge, built in 1989, spans the northern area of the station with a length of 295 meters and a width of 21 meters.

The project

The four-lane bridge structure is one of Ulm's most important traffic axes in an east-west direction. The peculiarity of the bridge is its type of construction: The bridge is suspended in a prestressed concrete band that is guided over the pylons. The pylon height is approx. 20 m above the road surface, the prestressed concrete belts are each 40 m long.

During the investigation at the bridge, the condition of the tendons was examined in particular. For this purpose, measuring sensors were attached to the rein straps, which determined the vibrations of the bridge (measuring method: BRIMOS).

To check the prestressing reinforcement, the tendons were drilled and examined at some points using a drill.


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