BBV Systems

Structural repair

As buildings get older, their appearance suffers, they lose usability and stability. Building maintenance and building restoration help to preserve the economic value.

We have the necessary inspection methods and expertise to properly recognize and assess the complex links between the causes of damage and to repair the damage caused.

Damage analysis and repair

To assess the stability and serviceability as well as determine the need for repair of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structures, non-destructive testing methods are used. These provide information on the condition of the reinforcement, the prestressing steel and the integrity of the concrete.

BBV Systems specializes in the repair and retrofitting of reinforced concrete structures:

  • Locating steel and prestressed reinforcement
  • Compression of holes and voids in tendon ducts
  • Strengthening of bridges using external prestressing
  • Reinforcing components using CFRP strips

BRIMOS® inspection system

The BRIMOS® process uses the fact that structures, particularly bridges, exhibit a pronounced oscillatory behavior, which is characterized by natural frequencies, mode shapes, damping values and vibrational intensities. Measuring sensors register the acceleration of the vibrating structure or individual components in a three-dimensional direction.
With BRIMOS®, the overall and current state of the structures is recorded and analyzed. The study provides insights for the maintenance of durability, serviceability and structural safety. Through analysis and interpretation of the measurement results, a comparison with the results of a computer calculation is possible.
BRIMOS® technology provides excellent solutions to meet customer needs in a variety of applications.

Cathodic protection (CP)

Cathodic protection (CP) is an innovative process with great sustainability. It is an electrochemical protection method that is used to control and reduce the corrosion of steel or the reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures to negligible loss rates.

There are significant benefits compared to conventional repair methods:

  • Sustainability (through continuous operation and maintenance)
  • Efficiency (shorter construction period due to low stock removal)
  • Detectability (constant monitoring by built-in sensors)

BRIMOS® inspection system

Cathodic protection (CP)