BBV Systems

Bar post-tensioning systems

Our bar post-tensioning systems are based on threaded steel bars and smooth steel bars of the classes 950/1050 and 835/1035, as well as on additionally developed, tested and approved anchor elements.

Threaded steel bars are available in the following diameters: 18, 26.5, 32, 36, 40 and 47 mm; smooth steel bars are available in 32 and 36 mm. The maximum pre-stressing capacity (0.95 Fp0.1k) ranges from 219 to 1566 KN.

Typical applications include transverse prestressing, bridge reinforcement and repairs, connection elements for steel and mechanical engineering as well as temporary applications.

    Bonded bar tendons

    ... are completely concrete-grouted with construction concrete. Bonding and corrosion protection is ensured via grout according to DIN EN 447.

    Unbonded bar tendons, internal or external

    ... can be installed inside or outside of the component cross-section. Corrosion protection is ensured via grout, corrosion protection mass or shrink wrap tubing. For temporary measures, a protective coating according to DIN EN ISO 12944-5 can be applied. The tendons can always be de-tensioned, re-tensioned or replaced.

    Internal bonded bar

    Internal unbonded bar with corrosion protection compound in free tendon duct

    Threaded steel bars

    Smooth steel bars