BBV Systems

Ludwig Erhard Brücke, Ulm

The four-lane Ludwig Erhard Bridge (Ulm) adjacent to the city’s train station was constructed in 1989 with a length of 295 m and span of 21 meters. This bridge provides the city with a main transport connection in the East-West direction.

The bridges’ characteristic is unique, in that the pre-stressed tendons are supported above the bridge on pylons with a height of 20 meters and cable-stay length of 40 m. The bridge is effectively ‘hung’ from the pylons using these tendons.

Investigation works carried under the project involved the inspection of the bridge tendons using the BRIMOS System. These works involved placing a series of recorders on the tendons to determine the bridges’ frequencies and vibrations. In conjunction with the recording of the bridges’ values, the tendons were also physically drilled to allow the condition of stressing steel to be visually examined using an endoscope. 

Awarding Authority: Stadt Ulm

Client: Stadt Ulm

Design: Bürogemeinschaft Kuhlmann Gerold Günther Eisele, Ostfildern

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