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Wehretal Bridge - Reichensachsen

The Wehretal Bridge when complete will provide a new traffic link connecting the A 44 between AS Waldkappel and AS Ringgau. The bridge is designed to link the western end of the Trimmberg tunnel near the city of Eschwege, and the planned Spitzenberg tunnel.

From the northern bridge (in direction Kassel), there is a ramp construction that crosses the railway corridor. The ramp is designed with the provision of post tensioned tendons in the longitudinal direction, and will be constructed as a monolith structure over 5 adjacent pier spans.

The two main bridge structures are being constructed using a double T-Beam profile. When complete the new bridges will span a total of 16 piers, with span width varying between 30 and 67m. The bridge construction is being carried out using supported scaffold.

The main bridge structures are designed to incorporate to use of BBV post-tensioned tendons in the longitudinal direction. Post-tensioned tendons are manufactured with steel strands complying with the type 1660/1860 N/mm2.

Client: DEGES on behalf of Hessen Mobil

Contractor: Züblin Bad Hersfeld

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