BBV Systems

Saale-Elster viaduct, Germany

The new Deutsche Bahn line passes to the south of Halle crossing the pastures of the Saale river and the White Elster river with many nature and bird reserves as well as the water protection zone III of the Halle-Beesen waterworks.  The construction is the longest bridge structure in Germany at around 8,600 m in total length.
The production of superstructures is normally done (two-span beam) on a formwork in 2 phases; once completed, these beams have an overall length of 88 m with a span of 44 m. Sections with longer spans can be bridged by a three-span elements, here the length is about 150 m.
The control section is designed as a reinforced concrete box with inclined girders. The longitudinal prestressing was provided by BBV L 15 tendons in the sides of the box and BBV L 19 in the base plate and deck plate. Transverse prestressing is not planned.
Awarding authority: DB Netz AG, Deutsche Bahn Gruppe

Client: ARGE Saale-Elster-Talbrücke (Hochtief, Adam Hörnig, Gerdum u. Breuer)

Design: Design joint venture Kinkel und Partner, Neu-Isenburg and LAP, Dresden

Specific project indicators

Construction Time

2006 until 2013