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Interchange Spillepengen, Malmö, Sweden

The traffic interchange ‘Spillepengen’,located in the city of Malmö on the south-west coast of Sweden; provides an important connection link between Malmö Northern Habour Development area and the City Center.

Since the opening of the Northern Habour development area in 2011 the traffic flow over this intersection has dramatically increased, with currently over 40,000 vehicles per day travelling over this important transport link; which is currently the highest travelled intersection in the region.

Construction works for the 370m long ‘Flyover’ were performed in three distinct phases and incorporate BBV Systems L9 and L19 (coupled) internal post-tensioned tendon arrangements.

The BBV L9 tendons in this project are ‘pre-fabricated’under factory conditions and delivered to site complete on drums for‘unrolling’ at the site. The use of ‘pre-fabricated’ tendons in this project provides a simple, quick and efficient method for the tendons to span over multiple phases of the works while at the same time reducing the number of tendon coupling locations along the length of the flyover.

Construction works have started in October 2014 and execution was completed in September 2015.

Awarding Authority: Trafikverket Malmö Stadt Gatukontoret

Contractor: Peab Anläggning AB

Design: Centerlöf & Holmberg

Specific project indicators

Construction Time

2014 - 2015