BBV Systems

E18 Knapstad-Retvet, Norway

The contract for the re-construction of a 6 km section of E18 (approx. 50 km south of Oslo, between Knapstad and Retvet) was awarded to NCC by ‘Statens Vegvesen’ in autumn 2014.

The project includes 3 concrete bridges, which are to be stressed using BBV Systems internal bonded post-tensioning system:

  • Skaug Bru - length 62m, incorporating the BBV L19 post-tensioned tendons (completed)
  • Hobolelva Bru - length ca. 290m, utilizing tendons type BBV L27, and
  • Holt Bru - 2 superstructures with lengths of 155m and 195m, using BBV L19 tendons.

During the tender phase of the project, BBV Systems was able to provide an optimization to the tendon layout in consultation with the contractor, which was subsequently accepted by ‘Statens Vegvesen’. The revised proposals are expected to yield significant savings for both the client and the contactor respectively.

The works were completed in 2016.

With this project, BBV Systems intensifies its activities in the Norwegian Infrastructure business.

Awarding Authority: Statens Vegvesen

Contractor: NCC Construction A/S

Design: Statens Vegvesen

Specific project indicators

Construction Time

2015 - 2016