BBV Systems

Construction Phase 07, Ilmtalbrücke, Stadtilm

As part of the construction of a new section of the B90N highway in close proximity to the city of Stadtilm, it was necessary to construct a new bridge that would span both the Llmaue River and existing B87N.

This new T-Beam bridge construction involving 17 spans was built over a combined length of 630m incorporating the BBV L22 post-tensioned tendon system.

As requested by the client the tendons were delivered to site as pre-fabricated post-tensioned tendons with sufficient lengths to span two adjoining phases of work. The pre-fabricated tendons were manufactured in the BBV production plant (Bobenheim- Roxheim) and delivered to the site on drums. The drums are prepared (complete) with ducting, post tensioning strand and anchors already assembled in order to quickly unroll the tendons directly into the required position.

Post- tensioning works on this project commenced in December 2015 and were completed in May 2017.

Client: DEGES for the Freistaat Thüringen

Contractor: Gerdum + Breuer Bauunternehmen GmbH, Bebra

Planner: Thormählen + Peuckert, Paderborn

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