BBV Systems

Bridge E221, Poland

Project E221 is located in Pęcławice in Poland. The bridge consists of two adjacent superstructures, and has a total length of 1,540 m. It is part of the A1 motorway from Toruń to Stryków. As a subcontractor of the construction company STRABAG, BBV Systems is responsible for the prestressing works, which include the installation of internal and external tendons.

The superstructures were set up using formwork carriages. The use of formwork carriages makes it possible to produce one 45-meter-long bridge section per superstructure per week. In total, for the internal prestressing, over 2,000 tons of tendons BBV L19 were installed, about 26 tons per stage construction section.

To cope with this amount in such a short time, prefabricated tendons are used. In BBV Systems production hall in Gdansk, 52 tons of tendons are prefabricated weekly to ensure the timely supply of prefabricated tendons to the construction site. The external type BBV L19E tendons with a total length of around 3,000 m are produced on site.

Awarding authority: GODKiA Łódź


Design: Stahler & Knoppik

Specific project indicators

Construction Time

2010 - 2012