BBV Systems

Botniabanan, Sweden

The most advanced and longest rail route in the country to date was built along the east coast in Sweden between Kramfors and Umeå. Botniabanan AB, which was founded especially for this purpose, is building the Botnia Line together with Banverket, the Swedish Rail Administration. The route is 190 km long and designed for freight and passenger traffic. 25 km of tunnels and 140 bridges are being created.

Bilfinger Construction was building the bridges over the River Umeälv and the Stöcke railway bridge. The Umeälv bridge, measuring 1,932 m, is the second longest railway bridge in Sweden. Both bridges were built with a formwork carriage in 2-week intervals.

Both bridges were preloaded longitudinally with BBV tendons of different sizes.

Awarding authority: Botniabanan AB and Banverket

Client: Bilfinger Construction, Bridge construction

Design: Bilfinger Construction, Technical office

Please note that this project was realized at a time when the relevant project company belonged to the group of companies of Bilfinger SE and not to the Implenia group. The company was transferred to the Implenia group in 2015 only. The Bilfinger group and the Implenia group are two different group of companies, not being related and acting independently.

Specific project indicators

Construction Time

2007 - 2009