BBV Systems

Approach bridge, Neckar (BAB A6 near Heilbronn)

As part of reconstruction works on the A6 Motorway involving the crossing of the Neckar River there are four individual bridge elements being built. In each traffic direction will a new 820m long post-tensioned approach bridge be constructed that adjoins a 510m long composite steel bridge to span the Neckar River.

The approach bridges are being constructed as a double T-Beam that is incrementally launched. These bridge elements are constructed incorporating the BBV L15 and BBV L22 internal tendon systems.

The first half of the bridge is scheduled to be opened shortly before the commencement of the Germany Garden Show 2019 (to be held in Heilbronn). The remaining sections of the bridge are anticipated to be completed by 2022.

In order to allow the works to be carried out with minimal impact on the existing traffic, the project is being performed in four phases of work, as follows. Construction of a new northern bridge, being undertaken on a temporary support structure. Re-diversion of the traffic onto the new northern bridge, to permit the demolition of the existing structure. Construction of a new Southern bridge (complete) as well as a new support structure for the previously completed Northern bridge superstructure. When the new Southern bridge is completed, as well as the new support structure for the northern bridge, the northern bridge superstructure will be ‘pushed’ into its final position on the new support structure.

Client: Road Authority, Baden Württemberg

Contractor: Joint Venture A6 West (Hochtief/ Johann Bunte)

Planner: K+S Engineer-Consult.

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