BBV Systems

NEG Museumsinsel

Berlin's museum island is one of the most important museum complexes in the world. As a world's unique structure and culture ensemble it belongs since 1999 to the World Heritage Site of the UNESCO. This World Heritage Site is being redeveloped since 2001.

The individual museums should be structurally combined to form a common museum complex. For the excavation pit and foundation of the new entrance building, the James Simon Gallery, BBV System was commissioned with the production and delivery of approximately 16.000 m BBV micro piles.

The BBV micro piles with single and additional corrosion protection retain primarily a subaqueous concrete slab against uplift and, in the final state enhance the foundation of the building.

Please note that this project was realized at a time when the relevant project company belonged to the group of companies of Bilfinger SE and not to the Implenia group. The company was transferred to the Implenia group in 2015 only. The Bilfinger group and the Implenia group are two different group of companies, not being related and acting independently.

Specific project indicators