BBV Systems

Occupational safety, health and environment


We create working conditions in which our employees’ health is preserved and protected. We offer and make use of possibilities for passive and active prevention of health hazards and to ensure continued health.

Occupational safety

To avoid risks a consistent hazard identification / assessment of the risks associated with the jobs and activities is carried out and evaluated. On the basis of the results, appropriate preventive measures are taken.

The results are used to derive and define improvement measures and objectives which are executed and documented. There are constant activities to ensure all employees are aware of the objectives thus ensure the objectives are met.

Environmental management

We ensure that negative impact on the environment as a result of our business activities is reduced as much as possible. This is primarily done through consistent implementation of the applicable regulatory and legal requirements to ensure the legal security of our company. Sustainable and environmentally conscious behavior in all our activities and decisions forms the basis of this.

Quality management

We are committed to the success of the services ordered. To this end, we deliver products and services to our customers on time and ensure that they meet the contractually agreed quality. We are on hand to develop optimized solutions together with our customers.

Customer audits and audits by external certification bodies confirm that our guidelines for implementing our health, safety, environmental and quality policy are met.